S.O.A.R. (Southern Ontario Amazing Race)

This race was truly “Amazing”  John and I didn’t place in the top of the pack but we had a BLAST trying to get there LOL! It was challenging and fun!

I was blown away by so many things it is so hard to put it into words and I find myself thinking of the race daily and what I could have done differently and all the adventures we had.

The first thing that really made me think that isn’t like any other charity event we have ever participated in was when we were welcomed by Matt and Darren. “Carmel and John right?” …
Our first names, everyone knew us by our first names before we were even introduced! We weren’t a number! Right away I felt like I was apart of something special.

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City Chase

What the heck is City Chase?

The Goodlife Fitness City Chase is Canada’s Largest Urban Adventure!

The Chase tests both your fitness and your mind. Navigate your way through the city, find and complete at least ten check points (challenges) and race to the finish before the six hour time limit is finished.

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