Laura Secord – 13.75K Walk

“On the evening of June 21, 1813 Laura Secord overheard American officers at her home in Queenston discuss plans to capture a British outpost located at John DeCew’s House, 32 kilometres away, near the area called Beaver Dams.

Early the next morning, Laura left her wounded husband and young children and walked through enemy lines and dangerous terrain to warn the British and their aboriginal allies of this impending attack by American forces.

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Relay For Life – Angels United

Our team kicked butt in all the challenges that were presented through out the night!

Together we raised $2250 for the Canadian Cancer Society

This event always makes me feel more connected to Keri…I remember her walking this very same track years ago, and how tired she was when she finally called it quits for the night, but she was so strong and brave, she even returned the next day to walk the final lap with her team…God, I miss her so much! R.I.P. Doll 😦 xo

We often get asked, why do we Relay at night?

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Relay For Life – Angels United

Angels United did it again!! Raising over $3313 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Walking all night with family and friends to support so many people struggling and fighting this deadly disease.


Relay For Life – Angels United

Here we go again!

Another relay event and another amazing night with some pretty special people!

We raised $2500 for the Canadian Cancer Society! YAY TEAM!!!

REMEMBER: There is no finish line until we find a cure.

Relay for Life – Angels United

“Cancer does not stop for nighttime. Cancer knows no rest. Cancer knows no age restriction.  Cancer knows no boundary.”

 Another Relay, Another wonderful night of Friends, Family, Memories and Remembrance.

Missing my Dad and my Friend Keri