Route 66 Road Trip – 5K

Boy did we ever “Get our kicks on Route 66!!”

After our adventures in Tulsa, we headed for home via Route 66. Tulsa to Chicago following as much of Route 66 as possible, stopping at as many roadside attractions as we could along the way. Over 700 miles! It was a great adventure and the PERFECT way to finish our Wild Women Weekend!

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Williams Route 66 – Marathon

This is was FIRST Marathon and I was beyond nervous and a little excited!

We arrived early to the start line because we had heard, with the amount of people who were going to be there, it might take some time to get to our correct corral.

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Mississauga – Half Marathon

Four of us set out to conquer this Half Marathon course.

For Laurie and myself, this marked our second Half Marathon. For John and Angus, this was their first time.

We agreed ahead of time that we would each run our own race. John wanted to try and keep up with Angus, while Laurie and I usually do our own thing.

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